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ETTHA Members and Visitors:

After an emergency meeting of the Officers and Board Members of the East Texas Treasure Hunters Association on Thursday, March 26, 2020, we have decided the following:

Due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, Governor Abbott's restriction that all gatherings consist of 10 or fewer people, several east Texas counties having voluntary or mandatory "shelter-in-place" orders (including Gregg County), and an abundance of caution, all club meetings, events, and hunts are canceled until further notice.  It is our intention to resume our club meetings and reschedule club events/hunts once the pandemic has been declared over and large gatherings are once again allowed.

This decision includes the cancellation of the Piney Woods Relic hunt originally scheduled for May 9, 2020.  Anyone who has prepaid will receive their money back by mail within the next few weeks.

The one exception to the cancellations is our club Clue Hunt.  This hunt is intended for individual club members (not groups) and going outside is being promoted by the Governor and local counties (so long as you remember the 6-foot social distancing guidelines).  The monthly clue will be emailed to all club members (who have paid their dues) on the 2nd Monday of each month (being the normal club meeting date). 

At a time such as this, it is important to be safe, patient, and pray for a speedy recovery, first and foremost, of the health of everyone affected by this virus and their families, and second, the economy of our great country.

Timothy P. Lester
President ETTHA

  • For over two decades we treasure clubs have been supporting an activity of teaching children with disabilities the fun hobby of treasure hunting with a metal detector. Every year they are so excited to see us on our annual visit to the Texas Lions Camp for Children with Disabilities. We not only teach the children how to use the detectors but we also teach their counselors so that after our visit they can continue to do that activity with the other campers that visit the Camp. These Children are our future and it is an honor to teach them the activity that so many of us enjoy.
  • When Nolan Underwood (activity director of the Camp—now deceased) and I had no idea that this activity would be a defining feature of the Camp in that the foreign Counselors of that Camp in all our visits would take this activity to their home such alike camps and introduce it there. Now it can be said, that what was started here in Texas at this camp has gone “Around The World” and has introduced hundreds and maybe thousands of children with disabilities an activity that they can enjoy.
    As the children, We Are Blessed with so many supporting this activity over the years, too many to mention here. However, you know who you are, and Nolan and I want to tell you how Sincerely Thankful We Are for that support. Yet we must ask for HELP again, PLEASE!
    What makes this possible is your support. Our annual visit this year is scheduled “June 3rd & 4th 2020” starting at 8:00 AM to prepare for the many kids we will see for both days. We are in desperate need of “Foreign Coins” that we hide for the kids and they get to take home, plus the many little toy cars and sports cards bundles for prizes. Please try to help us this year; coins shops usually sell foreign coins by the pound fairly cheap. We need them not only for our annual visit, but also for those that visit the Camp after that year. Also, if you wish to help with the children, you are welcome to come.
    I will be at the Texas Treasure Show in Bryan, TX. on March 13th thru 15th, 2020 at Brazos Convention Center and I will have a bucket there for donations of foreign coins if you or your club wish to drop them off, (please put your name and town or club name in with the coins you donate.
    I will also be at the Charles Garrett Memorial Hunt on March 27th thru 29th, 2020, in Canton, TX.  again with a bucket for your donations of foreign coins. Please put your name or club name and where you are from in with the coins. Thank you all for the wonderful support.
    Keith Wills


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