"The best treasures come from the ground"


We had 26 members and 2 visitors attend our March 2018 meeting.  We did not have a Speaker this month but instead, since we had such great entries in the Finds of the Months, the winners talked about them.  The weather is getting warmer so get out there and make those great discoveries!  A reminder to everyone that the Garrett hunt in Jefferson is coming up on the 24th this month.  

One of our members, Mary Hurlburt, was told by the neighbors' daughter and college student, Chloe Pipkin, that she had lost her precious grandmother's ring.  Her grandmother had just passed away last year and she had been given the ring by her mother.  The ring had great sentimental value to her and she was very distraught about having lost it.  Mary came to the rescue with her AT PRO and was successful in finding her precious ring after about twenty minutes of searching.  Way to go Mary and congratulations to Chloe!

If you plan on visiting Florida, click on the link, "The Treasure Coast" below.

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