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Q: Club Open Hunt should be Silver (No-Relics)

A: Silver is too expensive to do that size of a hunt, but if someone would like to take the responsibility as the huntmaster, the club can vote on it.

Q: When you dig a hole cover it up – If you open a gate please close it.

A: This is just common courtesy and the club officers support and encourage this. We make this reminder at every hunt.


A: This was just voted on and approved at the Aug. 10, 2015 meeting. Terry Smith will purchase one for the club.

Q: Ask Mallory to give us a report on her trip (Interesting sights, etc)

A: Mallory did this at the July 2015 meeting and shared several photo albums with the club.

Q: Let’s do a combined Tri County Fall Silver Hunt in Oct. with RCTHA, SCMDA, ETTHA.

A: Currently under discussion, Club will vote on this next month.

Q: I think to protect the Club & Treasurer we should have an audit done at least every two years.

A: It is our practice since I became treasurer to have an audit done every year by one of the board Members. Up until this year it has been done by John Hitt. Reports have been kept and a report was made to the club in 2014.

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